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Fostering Saves Lives

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What is Fostering?

We are a foster based rescue with no physical shelter, so our foster homes are crucial. By becoming a foster parent with Orphaned Kitty-Corner, you are directly helping save lives! OK-C covers the cost of supplies and all medical care for your foster kittens to help make sure they are healthy and ready for adoption.

After our kittens visit HQ in Danville, IL for their exam and intake, kitten foster parents will take kittens into their home, provide care such as bottle-feeding or medications, and shower them with love! Foster parents always have 24/7 contact with our team for support and guidance.


Step 1: Fill out an application below! 

Step 2: Application Approval. Once you have applied, a member of our team will review your application and contact you!

Step 3: Wait for kittens! Once you have been approved as a foster home, we will start to reach out with kittens needing foster placement.

We have merchandise!

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